Camp Tomahawk Is and Isn't...

Our dream of a fully functioning Camp Tomahawk  is simply that - a dream. Individuals need to  remember, however, that hopes and dreams are often times the seeds that have the potential to germinate those desires into reality! With that in mind, we refuse to dismiss our desire to someday have a camp where disadvantaged children can connect with nature for a week or two, and just be kids!

In the meantime, we ask for you to enjoy our website. We have added a variety of useful and fun information relevant to that great American institution, the Summer Camp! It is also our hope that this site might in some way have the means of facilitating lines of communication and possible connections with people who may well share the Summer Camp passion with us.

Naturally, we will be adding useful information and updates so that you can follow in the ongoing dream of creating our very own summer facility, Camp Tomahawk, California!

What's So Great About Camp, Anyway?

Camp almost seems to be a right of passage for school-aged children. I went to camp when I was a kid, and strong memories of camp come flooding back into my head each and every time I deliver one or more of our five sons to camp during the summer months! It never fails that our sons return home as different and slightly more mature young men after their stints at camp. For them, camp is a life altering week of fun, learning, and making new friends. It is something they get to experience totally by themselves; undoubtedly a welcome change for them without the control or constant watchful eye of their parents.

At a certain point in our children's lives we all need to realize that they desperately need to spread their wings and to be allowed to fly, ever so cautiously, out of the parental nest. At camp, children develop autonomy and a stronger sense of self. They make new friends, build skills, and experience teamwork. And at the end of camp, the majority of parents are pleased to report their children’s increased sense of independence. Camp changes these kids by allowing them to grow in a structured, supportive, supervised environment. An environmentthat is safe and fun at the same time, and allows kids to simply be themselves... 

Why We Desire To Start A  Summer Camp...

Of our five sons, three are adopted and two are currently our foster children. But make no mistake, all of them are our sons; there are no differences or distinctions between biological, adopted, or foster. When children are living in your home and are under your care, they are your children and you are their parents. The desire to feel that they belong and that they are loved is a basic instinct for all children. The wonderful part is that when they finally realize that they can trust you, the love begins to flow from them as a natural response to the love and caring that you are showing them. The love part is what kicks in and works at making it a family!

Our foster son Michael was the first of our children to ever go to camp. When our entire family tagged along to deliver our son to camp for the first time, it took less than fifteen minutes for our other sons to be "bitten" hard by the "bug" that makes you want to go to camp. Within a week's time, several of our other children were having the times of their lives at camp! All of them continue to refer to their camp experiences as some of the best things that have ever happened to them; other than, of course, becoming a part of our family in the first place!

We have had nearly 25 foster children through our home throughout a ten year period. Some have left, while others have remained with us on a permanent basis. As foster parents, we have seen firsthand the good that comes from kids going to camp. But, camp can be expensive, and few counties provide funds to foster children for that purpose. Likewise, few foster parents can manage to swing the extra money needed to send their foster kids to camp. That is something that we would like to see changed, and soon! Providing a camp for foster children, and funded by donations and other generous sources of revenue within communities and staffed by volunteers would truly meet the need.

Children can learn so much about themselves as they interact with others while away at camp. The need is great! Few disadvantaged kids ever get the chance to venture far beyond where they are placed. To tell the real truth, nothing could be more exhilarating for us than to see the smiling faces of children who have never before had the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with other kids of their age group in a safe and and structured environment that a Summer Camp can provide. I am absolutely certain that our camp would be a happy and magical place for all who attend!

 Two of our sons wait for Camp check-in to begin, 2016.