1. Most of your clothes, towels, and personal items have your name somewhere on them.
  2. You are familiar with every single card game known to mankind.
  3. Your daily outfit consists of running shorts and t-shirts.
  4. You consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage a solid six hours of sleep.
  5. Your showers are always under three minutes, and you don't really notice anymore if they are hot or cold.
  6. Whenever you leave camp on an out-of-camp trip, you feel like you have left the real world.
  7. You know what's for dinner by knowing the day of the week.
  8. You are quite accustomed to sharing your summer with bugs.
  9. Rain days at camp are like Sundays: a day of rest!
  10. You consider friendship bracelets to be real jewelry.
  11. That camp on the other side of the lake is your sworn enemy.
  12. S'mores are the only dessert you know how to make, and the only dessert you like.
  13. You have many hidden talents you never would have picked up on if it wasn't for camp. (ie: plumber)
  14. You are privy to way too many inside jokes.
  15. Some days, all you want to do is jump in the lake.
  16. You live for bonfires!
  17. Contrary to popular belief, you truly believe that bug spray actually attracts the bugs.
  18. You understand all too well that there's absolutely nothing better to the kids than seeing you humiliate yourself in front of the entire camp.
  19. Your staff shirt is your pride and joy! To you, it is like formal wear.
  20. You have heard rumor all too often that your camp is really a cult.
  21. You are no longer scared of the dark.
  22. Or spiders.
  23. You still chuckle to yourself every time you have a camper believing that you're late for an important meeting.
  24. You still get angry when someone tells you that working at a summer camp isn't a real job.
  25. You know that the friends you make at camp will be your friends for life!